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Hola! I’m Liz, a first generation Mexican- American mom and wife who loves cooking, baking and enjoys being real about life occasionally with a delicious cocktail. My parents were both born in Mexico, my Dad is from Jalisco and my Mom is from Michoacán, so of course I grew up eating Mexican food almost every day! When I moved out of my parents house. I got married and had a child but I craved my moms cooking so much I wanted to make that same food for my little family. So, I reached out to the best cook, my mom! I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen, but authentic Mexican cooking is a totally different ballgame, it’s a process! Which is what makes it so awesome, there are dozens of ways to make one dish, depending on what region of Mexico your family originates from. What better way to showcase all of our differences and some similarities then joining real Mexican moms in their homes and in their kitchens, talking about food, traditions, motherhood and everything in between!

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